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Polyester table napkins, also known as wedding napkins, cloth napkins, or linen napkins are available in different sizes, materials, and colors. The most common cloth napkins used are polyester and satin, but polyester is more durable and longer lasting.



The size of wedding napkins is a personal preference, but there are other reasons different size napkins are available. For example, if you want decorate your tables by folding napkins into animal shapes or other styles, you do need bigger napkins. The most common sizes vary from 17 inch squares to 20 inch squares. The bigger the napkin the more styles you can fold them into and the easier it is to fold them.

In addition to the sizing, the thickness or weight of the napkin needs to be right for them to be folded into designs and stand up. The weight of polyester material is determined by grams per square meters or GSM. 200GSM is the ideal weight for polyester napkins if you are going to fold them into designs and stand them up without buckling.


Cloth napkins are available in polyester, satin, and poly-cotton materials. These are the most common linen napkins available in the market. The most durable and longest lasting are the plain polyester napkins. They can be washed and reused many times. Most sit down restaurants and banquet halls use polyester or poly-cotton napkins. Satin napkins are usually available to rent from event planners. Satin is a lighter, smoother, and shinier than polyester, but they don't last through as many washes as do polyester napkins.


1. If you have the choice of renting or buying your napkins it is recommended to buy them. Rented napkins are usually used, therefore might have stains on them. Since there are many wedding napkin wholesale websites selling napkins for rental prices you are better off buying brand new ones.

2. If you plan to fold your napkins into designs/decorations make sure you buy the right size and weight/thickness. Otherwise, the napkins might be too small and buckle once you set them on the table.

3. Although most common colors for napkins are white and ivory, consider using darker colors. If you plan to use the napkins for more than one occasion, permanent stains will not be noticeable on the darker colored napkins. Thank you for reading and we hope this information will make shopping for cloth napkins a bit easier for you. We sell cloth napkins to event planners and to the public.

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